Feedback Statements & Forms

     Students in the TCV program learn to be more aware of the choices they are making both in their communication and in their behavior with others and themselves. They learn to ask what they are feeling and needing in a difficult situation. They are introduced to new possible choices through which they are more likely to get their needs met. Below are some student comments from feedback forms completed out at the end of a 6 session workshop. If you want to read many of the actual forms, go here.

     “I did not think I had any needs at first but by the last class I found I had quite a few things that I could address and have been making changes in my life on a daily basis.”

     “[The class] has made me stop and think before I speak.”

     “I find that I’ve actually handled angry situations in a more calm manner, not all the time, but some.”

     “Class taught me to take time and listen to both parties.”

     “[I learned] how to handle an argument, having compassion for another person, understanding wants and needs in an argument.”

     “One thing I learned is that there are better ways to say things when I’m mad. I have changed a lot because I can talk through things with people like a giraffe.”

     “I apply things [I learned in the class] at work with other people.”

     “[I learned] self-awareness, self-respect, communication. I learned to communicate with people as people not as objects.”

     “I learned to pause and breathe before you get mad and figure out the feelings and needs to help the situation. [The class] met my needs for not being such a grouchy and explosive person.”

     “I have noticed that my communication skills are better than they were before I started coming here. I’ve learned to talk to people, with my feelings and needs and listening to their feelings and needs.”

     “[I learned] acknowledgment of feelings, to acknowledge the other persons feelings first to better understand how to approach them.”

     “I learned more about inner feelings I have and how to express them in a positive way to others, about how to deal with myself as for my feelings and needs.”

     “I feel that I know myself a little bit better. [I learned] how to understand my feelings.”